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Accredited Company

We are an accredited company in Ghana

100% Guarantee

We assure you 100% guarantee for all sales of lands and houses.

Quality Material

In our company we work with high quality materials.

Our Project

Get involve and link up to us for more project at your disposal

Our Services

Land Development and Sale

Ernrit Estates has consistently developed and sold litigation free lands in East Legon Hills, Oyarifa, Oyibi and now Ayikuma, near Dodowa. Owning your land is just a call away

Concrete Product Sales

We have manufactured solid and hollow, quarry and sandcrete as well as pavement slabs for our own projects. Our excesses are sold to the public, extensively our land clientele. So you need not worry about your building blocks. Once you buy a plot from us just place your order and we will deliver to your building site or visit loans for people on benefits no guarantor for assistance.

Housing Development And Sale

With this being the core business of Ernrit Estates Limited, the company has to its credits over fifty (50) quality homes delivered in well developed areas which are already occupied by the owners.

Building Rentals & Brokerage

Need to buy, sell or rent a property? Just speak to us and we will support you in arriving at an ideal value for your money or a good offer for your property worth, whatever the case is.

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