Our Support

Ernrit Estates specializes in the development of high quality buildings in well developed areas and targets customers who desire to move into their properties within the shortest possible time.

To be able to do this successfully, our operations are enhanced by the support of the following institutions:

Republic Bank, and GHL Bank, formerly HFC and Ghana Home Loans respectively HFC
HFC Bank has a wide range of mortgages to suit different needs, whether you want to buy a home, build your own home, or make improvements on an existing home. View website

Ghana Home Loans
At Ernrit Estates we give you all the relevant support to enable you access a mortgage facility from the leading mortgage house in the country. Ghana Home Loans had consistently and swiftly… View website

Sale of Concrete Products
Ernrit Estates has a subsidiary that produces all kinds of concrete products ranging from Quarry blocks, sand crete blocks and all kinds of pavement slabs. Once you acquire a parcel of land from… View website